Philosophy, Education, Society
Issue n° 18
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Opening, Jacques Rancière (University of Paris VIII)
Moral chronicle (summary), Alain Vergnioux (University of Caen)
Notion : Homework (summary), Hervé Touboul (IUFM of Caen/Basse-Normandie)
Report: Work
Introduction, Pierre-Damien Huyghe (University of Paris I)
Notes on the Liberal Economists an Work (summary), Maurice Andreu (University of Paris XII)
The Philosophy of Work According to Georg Simmel (summary), Jean-Louis Vieillard-Baron (University of Tours)
For a long time, I did not work... (summary), Hubert Vincent (IUFM of Nord/Pas de Calais)
On Body and Tact : Effort in Work (summary), Véronique Fabbri (CIPH)
Internal Echo (summary), Pierre-Damien Huyghe (University of Paris I)
The Work of Invention : Hanslick, Alain, Adorno (summary), Anne Boissière (University of Lille III)
On Célestin Freinet's Political Individualism (summary), François Jacquet-Francillon (INRP)
How to work during Adolescence when Thinking Becomes Painful (summary), Nicole Catheline (CHU-CHR Poitiers)
Document : The Strike of Pupils (summary), Danièle Rancière
Studies : `Impossible' Professions (summary), Laurence Cornu (IUFM of Poitou-Charentes)
Actuality : The Sense of School and Democracy (summary), Philippe Foray (University of Saint-Etienne)
Actuality : Teaching Philosophy in Italy and in France (summary), Danielle Milhaud-Cappe (ENCPB)