Philosophy, Education, Society
Issue n° 19
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Opening, Roger-Pol Droit (CNRS)
Moral chronicle (summary), Alain Vergnioux (University of Caen)
Notion : Mondialisation (summary), Marie Cuillerai
Report: Citizen of the World
Presentation, Hubert Vincent
Empedocles' panhumanity (summary), Alain Vergnioux (University of Caen)
Imitating the universe. Comments on the Greek origins of cosmopolitanism (summary), Jean-François Pradeau (Marc Bloch University, Strasbourg)
The religious democracy of Pierre Leroux : a version of global Essenianism (summary), Laurent Fedi (CNRS)
Political stances and cosmopolitan perspectives in Habermas (summary), Pierre Statius (IUFM of Franche-Comté)
Between republic and democracy : Derrida's politics (summary), Hervé Touboul (University of Franche-Comté)
Hannah Arendt, education and global issues (summary), Philippe Foray (University of Saint-Etienne)
Delirium and dream in the notion of being a citizen of the world (of language) (summary), Martine Meskel-Cresta (IUFM of Versailles)
The literature of Gypsy voices (summary), Marie-Dominique Wicker (IUFM of Versailles)
Studies : Conferences on pedagogy : an ideal type from the Republic (summary), Hervé Terral (IUFM of Toulouse)
Correspondence : Unending education : Jean-Marie Guyau's philosophy and pedagogy (summary), Jordi Riba (University of Gerona)