Philosophy, Education, Society
Issue n° 20
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Moral chronicle : Literature, libertinism and truth (summary), Patrick Vauday (CIPH)
Poetry : Mysteries of pedagogy (summary), Andrea Zanzotto
Report: American Educations ?
Presentation, Pierre Statius and Hervé Touboul
Schools in America : excellence versus equality of opportunity (summary), Malie Montagutelli (University of Paris 8)
An American's writings : Richard Rorty (summary), Brigitte Frelat-Kahn (IUFM of Paris)
Pupil and citizen in the works of John Dewey (summary), Joëlle Zask (EHESS)
What is an educational 'sphere'? Justice and education in Michael Walzer (summary), Christian Lazerri (University of Franche-Comté)
A certain attachment : multicultural citizenship and education (summary), Eric Dubreucq (IUFM of Basse-Normandie)
On some historical echoes in Habermas's critique of Rawls (summary), Stéphane Haber (University of Franche-Comté)
Confronting conflict and moral ambiguity (translated and presented by Sylvie Bach) (summary), David B. Wong (University of Brandeis)
Studies : A discussion of schooling in Algeria (summary), Lamria Chetouani (IUFM de Bretagne, CNRS)