Philosophy, Education, Society
Issue n° 22
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Opening : Cyberculture breaths, Jean-Louis Weissberg (University of Paris XIII)
Moral chronicle (summary), Alain Vergnioux (University of Caen)
Notion : Proof (summary), Maris-Clotilde Pirot (University of Rennes II)
Report: Education and media
Presentation, Dominique Ottavi (University of Paris VIII)
Television, schools and symbolic function (summary), Dany-Robert Dufour
News pictures and media education (summary), Serge Tisseron (University of Paris X)
Sociology of knowledge and radio/television (summary), Jean Cazeneuve
Learning-through-play CD roms (summary), Sébastien Pezous (Bayard Publishing)
Television and school learning (summary), Maguy Chailley (IUFM of Versailles)
Government priorities in ICT (summary), Hélène Ormières (Technology Authority - French Department of Education)
Correspondence : The relationship between work and education (summary), Carlo Pancera (University of Ferrare)
Correspondence : The first lesson in morality : an interpretation of the episode in Rousseau's Emile about planting beans (summary), Maria de Fatima Simoes Francisco (University of Sao Paulo)