Philosophy, Education, Society
Issue n° 23
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Opening, Jorge Larossa (University of Barcelone)
Moral chronicle : Literature, heroism and history (summary), Jean-Marc Lamarre (IUFM Pays de Loire)
Notion : Subjection (summary), Christina Gautheron (University of Caen)
Report: Moral Education: new questions, new conflicts ?
Presentation, Maria Pagoni-Andréani (University of Lille III)
Law in schools : help or hindrance? (summary), Jean-Francois Rey (IUFM Nord - Pas de Calais)
The creation of civic identity in schools : problems and possibilities (summary), Constantin Xypas (Université catholique de l’Ouest)
Institutional pedagogy as moral education (summary), François Jacquet-Francillon (INRP, University of Lille III)
Wounded memories, uncertain morality (summary), Sophie Ernst (INRP)
Homophobia : a new stake for the education to the citizenship ? (summary), Jean-Paul Martin (University of Lille III)
The place of norms in books for three to six year olds (summary), Maria Pagoni-Andréani (University of Lille III)
Studies : Fernand Deligny : evasion, deviation and attempts at education (summary), Béatrice Han Kia-Ki (CIPH)
Studies : Can Rousseau understand Emile? (summary), Pierre Billouet (IUFM Pays de Loire)