Philosophy, Education, Society
Issue n° 24
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Opening : (Extra)ordinary lessons (summary), Claudine Blanchard-Laville (University of Nanterre)
Letter : Teaching painting today (summary), Jean Ferlicot
Notion : Trust (summary), Laurence Cornu (IUFM Poitou-Charentes)
Report: Description of ordinary classrooms
Presentation, François Jacquet-Francillon (University of Lille III, INRP)
Looking at lycée classes - between ordinary and extraordinary experience (summary), Michèle Guigue (University of Lille III)
Teacher authority as seen from the staff room (summary), Martine Kherroubi (Cerlis, Paris V, CNRS)
What do they do in class? From interaction to work (summary), Anne Barrère (University of Lille III)
Written work and pupils’ exercise books: some thoughts about a long-standing set of practices (summary), Anne-Marie Chartier (INRP)
Teachers and travellers’ children in lorry schools: an account of an unrecognised mode of schooling (summary), Delphine Bruggeman (University of Paris V)
Studies : Bouvard and Pécuchet or the inability to think things out (summary), Michel Fabre (University of Nantes)
Studies : Nature and education in Durkheim (summary), Sophie Jankélévitch (IUFM of Versailles)