Philosophy, Education, Society
Issue n° 25
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Opening, Georges Vigarello
Moral chronicle : Why do teachers have problems with their voice? (summary), Sophie Ernst (INRP)
Notion : Vigilance (summary), Pierre-Damien Huyghe (University of Paris I)
Report: The scene of the body
Presentation, Anne-Marie Drouin-Hans (University of Bourgogne)
The tragic eschylean body: a difficult concretion (summary), Héléna Théodoropoulou (University of Egée)
Body, music and words: the envelopes of Pan (summary), Gilles Boudinet (University of Paris VIII)
Who am I? What can I do? Anorexia, the body of emptiness and the other's view (summary), Michela Marzano
What do we speak of when we speak of 'deaf people'? (summary), Andrea Benvenuto (GERSE, University of Paris VIII)
The body as a stranger. Fantasy and metaphors (summary), Laurence Cornu (IUFM Poitou-Charente)
The girl's body: an educational invariant in the course of centuries? (summary), Hervé Terral (University of Toulouse le Mirail)
From the untouchable body to the virtual body: Toward a disembodied relation between teachers and pupils (summary), Bernard Andrieu (IUFM of Lorraine)
The unaesthetic body of the medical clinic (summary), Jacques Arveiller (University of Caen)
Studies : The democratization of the school (summary), Pierre Merle (IUFM of Bretagne)
Studies : Hannah Arendt: an intellectual biography (summary), Marc Le Ny (Ecole pratique des hautes études)
Correspondence : Policies of the memory and globalization (summary), Silvana Rabinovich (University of Mexico)