Philosophy, Education, Society
Issue n° 26
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Opening, Roger Pouivet
Novel : The invitation (summary), Claude Simon
Notion : The museum (summary), Alain Vergnioux (University of Caen)
Report: Transmission
Presentation, Brigitte Frelat-Kahn (IUFM of Paris) and Graciela Frigerio (University of Buenos-Aires)
Transmission, transfer, education - pieces from an impossible puzzle (summary), Graciela Frigerio (University of Buenos-Aires)
Transmission and the constitution of subjects (summary), Laurence Cornu (IUFM Poitou-Charente)
Film and experience (summary), Pierre-Damien Huyghe (University of Paris I)
Transmission problems in the democratic state (summary), Pierre Statius (IUFM of Franche-Comté)
Authority and transmission in pedagogy (summary), Gabriela Dicker (University of General Sarmiento)
Transmission and exile (summary), Norma Barbagelata (University of Entre Rios)
Transmission: between forgetting and remembering, past and future (summary), Mariana Karol (University of Buenos-Aires)
Correspondence : Louis Lambert, Balzac and the philosopher in the city (summary), Scheherezade Pinilla Cañadas (University of Madrid)