Philosophy, Education, Society
Issue n° 27
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Opening, Alain Badiou
Notion : The rough outline (summary), Alain Vergnioux (University of Caen)
Report: The ignorant master
Presentation, Alain Vergnioux (University of Caen)
Conversation with Jacques Rancière (summary)
Calypso was inconsolable after Ulysses's departure: the island of equality (summary), Stéphane Douailler (University Paris VIII)
A question for Jacques Rancière (summary), Mauricio Langon C. (University of Montevideo)
On "Le maître ignorant" and its lessons for us. A transferential relationship (summary), Graciela Frigerio (Centro de Estudios Multidisciplinarios, Buenos Aires)
Pedagogy and pharasaism. On fostering and humiliating in Gombrowicz (summary), Jorge Larossa (University of Barcelona)
A stumbling block: equality as starting point (summary), Lilian do Valle (University of Rio de Janeiro)
The politics of " Le maître ignorant": Ranciere's lesson for us (summary), Alejandro Cerletti (National University of General Sacramiento, PCIA de Buenos-Aires)
Pupils and childhood: about pedagogics (summary), Jan Masschelein (University of Leuven)
Study : Jean-Paul, reader of Jean-Jacques: the hermenutic approach to education (summary), Didier Moreau (IUFM des Pays de Loire)
Correspondence : Identity and history: a philosophical perspective (summary), Zouaoui Beghoura (University of Constantine)