Philosophy, Education, Society
Issue n° 29
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Opening, Michel Fabre (University of Nantes)
Notion : Identity (summary), Anne-Marie Drouin-Hans (University of Bourgogne)
Moral chronicle : Teaching, education and democracy (summary), Jean-Bernard Mauduit
Report: Education and Otherness
Presentation, Alain Vergnioux (University of Caen)
What kind of educational policy can oppose ethnic categorization? (summary), Françoise Lorcerie (Cnrs)
Alternating, changing and conjoining: games of otherness and identity (summary), Alain Vulbeau (University Paris X)
Teaching through otherness (summary), Jean-Marc Lamarre (IUFM Pays-de-la-loire)
Education: the site of the outsider (summary), Graciela Frigerio (University of Buenos Aires)
Current forms and symptoms of childhood (summary), Laurence Gavarini (University Paris VIII)
Studies : Foucault and the problem of moral education (summary), Laurent Jaffro (University Blaise Pascal - Clermont II)
Correspondence : Thinking of the other unconditionally (from inheritance, hospitality and education) (summary), Carlos Skliar (Flasco, Buenos-Aires)