Philosophy, Education, Society
Issue n° 32
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Opening : Enfantines (extract), Valéry Larbaud
Moral chronicle : Sport in Schools (summary), Michaël Clad (Collège Victor Hugo, Noisy-le-Grand)
Notion : Sleep (summary), Alain Vergnioux (Université de Caen)
Report: Children and the imaginative domain
Presentation, Dominique Ottavi (University Paris VIII)
Self-expression and the imaginative domain (summary), Gérard Wormser (ENS Lyon)
The child in the adult the pupil in the teacher (summary), Florence Giust-Desprairies (University Paris VII)
Children and tales of wonder: a domain for imagining the other? (summary), Renaud Hétier (UCO Angers)
Video games and the domain of the imagination (summary), Marina d'Amato (University Rome III)
Children as a reading public (summary), Dominique Ottavi (University Paris VIII)
A comming of age novel for the third millennium that binds farewell to the eternal adolescence of the twentieth century (summary), Marie-Louise Martinez (IUFM de Nice)
L'Oiseau Bleu : history of a review written by children for children (summary), Laurent Gutierrez (University Paris VIII)
Document : Writings of young delinquents (summary), Mathias Gardet (Université Paris VIII)
Studies : Kfar-Yeladim the children's village: the pioneering experience of Pougatchev in Eretz-Israël, as seen by Joseph Kessel (1926) (summary), Laurent Fedi (IUFM of Alsace) and Yaffa Wolfman (Bar-Ilan University, Israel)