Philosophy, Education, Society
Issue n° 33
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Notion : Solidarity (summary), Marie-Claude Blais (University of Rouen)
Report: Theories of education and social reformers
Presentation, Dominique Ottavi (University Paris VIII) and Jean-François Marchat (University of Limoges)
Frédéric Le Play, theorist of a liberal education (summary), Antoine Savoye (University Paris VIII)
Buchez et Le Play : the approach to education of two schools of Catholic economic thought (summary), Jean-François Marchat (University of Limoges)
Félicien Parizet (1807-1886): a study of schooling in the Occitan region (summary), Hervé Terral (University of Toulouse-le Mirail)
Henri de Tourville and particularist education (summary), Dominique Ottavi (University Paris VIII)
L'École d'Art Public of the Collège Libre des Sciences Sociales : town planning as an education in 'applied sociology' (summary), Catherine Bruant (Ladrhaus)
Leplaysien social science and the question of education and professional guidance in the interwar years (summary), Dominique Hocquard (CIO of Briey and University Paris VIII)
Ovide Decroly, a curriculum for a 'school for life' of a Leplaysien character ? (summary), Sylvain Wagon (University Paris VIII)
Document : The education of siblings in Alsace in the nineteenth century : The monograph of "Manœuvre à famille nombreuse" (Paris, 1861) : A view of popular education (summary), Marie-Claire Quin de Stoppani (University Paris VIII)
Document : "Social reform in France" in Journal de Médecine Mentale, 1864 (summary), Benedict Gallet de Kulture
Correspondence : Education seen through the prism of cosmopolitanism (summary), David Hansen (Columbia UNiversity, NYC, USA)