Philosophy, Education, Society
Issue n° 34
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Notion : Educational Guidance (summary), Biljana Stevanovic (Caen University)
Report: Reforming teaching: historical perspectives
Introduction, Pierre Kahn (IUFM of Basse-Normandie)
What kind of reforms for what kind of democratisation? The question of the primary school in the transformation of the educational system 1945-1970 (summary), Catherine Dorison (IUFM of Cergy-Pontoise)
Pedagogy in the primary school between 1945-1970: the impossible reform? (summary), Pierre Kahn (IUFM of Basse-Normandie)
A complex and contested reform: the new approach to French in the elementary school from 1963 to 1972 (summary), Marie-France Bishop (IUFM of Lille)
An artificial consensus; the general reform of teaching of post war years and the opening up of the school to the locality (summary), Youenn Michel (Caen University)
The use of the Letessier table in the gradual integration of sport into Physical Education in schools (1952-1959) (summary), Yohann Fortune (Caen University)
Victor Host: theorist of educational reform and promoter of didactic sciences (summary), Jean-Pierre Astolfi (Rouen University)
Henri I. Marrou: between tradition and teaching reforms (summary), Hervé Terral (Toulouse-le Mirail University)
Correspondence : The Islamisation of knowledge: Between knowledge and power (summary), Zouaoui Beghoura (Koweit University)