Philosophy, Education, Society
Issue n° 35
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Opening, Myriam Revault d'Allones (École pratique des hautes études)
Moral chronicle : Entre les murs: what does it tell us about young people? (summary), Annie Lechenet (IUFM of Lyon)
Notion : Charisma: between magic and communication (summary), Agnès Rivolier (Saint-Étienne University)
Report: Education and Authority
Presentation, Philippe Foray and Roland Reichenbach
Authority and pedagogy (summary), Friedhelm Brüggen (Münster University)
Authority in education (summary), Anne-Marie Drouin-Hans (University of Bourgogne)
What philosophy of authority is appropriate for today? (summary), Roger Monjo (Montpellier III University)
Three forms of authority in education (summary), Philippe Foray (Saint-Étienne University)
Disguised domination – gentle submission: remarks on subtle forms of authority within education (summary), Roland Reichenbach (Basel University)
Authority within education and the crisis for learning in schools (summary), Denis Kambouchner (Paris I University)
Authority: a return to sources (summary), Marc Derycke (Saint-Étienne University) and François Dutrait (Toulouse Le Mirail University)