Philosophy, Education, Society
Issue n° 36
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Moral chronicle : We do not ask what use are human sciences (summary), Marie Cuillerai (Paris VIII University)
Notion : Expert (summary), Alain Vergnioux (Caen University)
Report: Norm and normativity in Education
Presentation, Alain Vergnioux
Normality, normalisation, normativity : Towards a Critical and Creative Pedagogy (summary), Laurence Cornu (Angers University)
Between nature and contingency: from normality to normativity (summary), Brigitte Frelat-Kahn (Amiens University)
Norm and idiom: Notes on Wittgenstein, training and the infant (summary), Plinio W. Prado Jr. (Paris VIII University)
Normativity et science in the field of education : between epistemological logic and the logic of institutions. (summary), Maurice Sachot (Marc Bloch University, Strasbourg)
Potential: scope and logic of a concept (summary), Michel Le Du (Marc Bloch University, Strasbourg)
Studies : Telemachus, or the symbolic detour (summary), Philippe Arnaud (Lycée Gabriel Fauré)
Studies : Moral education: Socrates and Levinas (summary), Marie Agostini (Aix-Marseille I University)