Philosophy, Education, Society
Issue n° 40
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Moral chronicle : Echo and Narcissus : poetry and impasse in the speaker (summary), Philippe Arnaud (EHESS)
Notion : "Science-(fictions)" (summary), Alain Vergnioux (Caen University)
Report: Myths in education
Presentation, Laurence Gavarini and Dominique Ottavi
Myth and the otherness of childhood (summary), Dominique Ottavi (Paris X University)
Myths and utopias (summary), Anne-Marie Drouin-Hans (University of Bourgogne)
Logos, Mythos and Metis ways of knowing and relationship in respect of language (summary), Marilia Amorim (Paris VIII University)
The myth of modern education in the 21st century : Makarenko's contribution (summary), Antoine Savoye (Paris VIII University)
The state of the orphan and her/his pedagogic shadow: the myth of the "wild child" (summary), Léandro de Lajonquière (Sao Paulo University)
Is the father a myth ? (summary), Martine Ménès (Paris VIII University)
Analysis amd reading of "Il nous manque une culture, Réflexions sur l'enseignement hébraïque", by Emmanuel Levinas (summary), Denis Poizat (Lyon II University)