Philosophy, Education, Society
Issue n° 41
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Moral chronicle : Desire and Imitation (summary), Sébastien Charbonnier (Nantes University)
Notion : Epistemophilia (summary), Jacques Arveiller (Caen University)
Report: Truth from Abroad
Presentation, Alain Vergnioux
Cosmopolitan education: learning about oneself and learning about the other (summary), Jean-Marc Lamarre (Nantes University)
The stranger as exception to the principle of the universal in education (summary), Anna Pagès Santacana (Ramon Llull University, Barcelone)
An American in Peking, John Dewey (summary), Patrick Berthier (Paris VIII University)
Ways of thought, customary ways. Spaces and words in Kanakie (summary), Alain Kerlan (Lyon II University)
History and travel: The other in the Arab historiography of yesterday and today. (summary), Bencherki Benmeziane (Oran University)
The stranger – the person, the appearance, the symbol – a message that makes sense? (summary), Emmanuel Nal (Tours University)
The strangeness of the formation of the self (summary), Didier Moreau (Paris VIII University)
Studies : Henri Marion and 'equality in difference' (summary), Nicole Mosconi (Paris X University)
Studies : Study two: An educational utopia in Emilia Romagna (summary), Emilie Dubois (Rouen University)