Philosophy, Education, Society
Issue n° 43
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Opening, Denis Kambouchner
Moral chronicle : Each individual is another access to the world (summary), Charles Gardou (Lyon II University)
Notion : Authority (summary), Anne-Claire Husser (ENS Lyon)
Report: Public School and Emancipation
Presentation, Frédéric Mole and Philippe Foray
Republican schooling: emancipation and meritocracy (summary), Philippe Foray (Saint Etienne University)
The uncertainties of emancipation (summary), Emmanuel Brassat (IUFM of Versailles)
The school and the crisis of 'configurations of subjection' (summary), Jean-François Nordmann (IUFM of Versailles)
Secular morality and identity in the school (summary), Geneviève Zoïa (Montpellier II University)
Can the school be emancipatory and compulsory? (summary), Roger Monjo (Montpellier III University)
The school for all; individual or collective emancipation? Early twentieth century to the 1930s (summary), Frédéric Mole (Saint Etienne University)
Studies : On useless knowledge. Creation, testing and the exercise of practical knowledge on the margins (summary), Guillaume Sabin (University of Western Brittany)
Studies : Feminism in and through education: perspectives on the feminist education of the daughters of Madeleine Pelletier (1914) (summary), Bérengère Kolly (Lisec, Lorraine)