Philosophy, Education, Society
Issue n° 45
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Opening, Alain Vergnioux
Moral chronicle : Scholastic Exercises by Félix Pecaut (summary), Félix Pecaut
Notion : Screen(s) (summary), Christine Seux (Caen University)
Report: Education in exercice(s)
Presentation, Didier Moreau
Educate or train? Towards a critique of "post-humanism" (summary), Didier Moreau (Paris VIII University)
The three sources of philosophical life in John Dewey (summary), Michel Fabre (Nantes University)
Exercises and ethopoetic practices : ethical competence in teacher training (summary), Jean-François Dupeyron (Bordeaux University)
"The referent of expression": Literature as exercise (summary), Valérie Pérez (La Rochelle University)
Proper use of stays abroad for young people: a tension between knowledge of and knowledge about (summary), Lucette Colin (Paris VIII University)
Mimesis and cultural learning (summary), Christoph Wulf (Free University of Berlin)
Studies : Educate or provide care: a common ethic? (summary), Guillaume Durand
Studies : Aristocratic philosophy and religion of the people, the relationship between the teaching of philosophy and religion in the nineteenth century (summary), Lucie Rey (University of the french Antilles)