Philosophy, Education, Society
Issue n° 46
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Opening, Sylvie Cadolle (Paris 5 University)
Moral chronicle : "Family" in the F. Buisson's Dictionary of Pedagogy and Primary Instruction (summary), Ferdinand Buisson
Notion : Youth (summary), Nathalie Dupont (Caen University)
Report: Families
Presentation, Julie Delalande (Caen University) and Léandro de Lajonquière (Caen University)
Contemporary family narratives and the child-symptom: Whose are the children of today? (summary), Léandro de Lajonquière (Caen University) and Marcelo Ricardo Pereira (Brasil)
The "democratisation" of family relationships, a many sided process that is difficult to regulate (summary), Gérard Neyrand (Toulouse 3 University)
The family at risk of mental illness and school dropout (summary), Cristina Figueiredo (Paris 5 University)
The relationship between children and adults in medieval families (summary), Didier Lett (Paris 7 University)
The contemporary presence of the male in the perinatal area : a changed family dynamic (summary), Marie-Laure Abecassis (Paris 13 University) and Eric Bidaud (Paris 13 University)
From the homeless man's to the father without a home: gender tensions in social intervention (summary), Séverine Mayol (Paris 5 University)
Domestic space in working class families: the child seen actor in the family group (summary), Bernadette Tillard (Lille 1 University)
Freedom and power: the role of gender equality in the family (summary), Gabriella Radica
Studies : Valuation et evaluation in the thought of Dewey (summary), Eirick Prairat (University of Lorraine)
Studies : The controversial youth of Makarenko: emergence the myth? (summary), Jean Rakovitch