Philosophy, Education, Society
Issue n° 47
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Opening, Brigitte Frelat-Kahn (University of Picardie), Dominique Ottavi (Paris 10 University) and Alain Vergnioux (Caen University)
Moral chronicle : The philosophy of François Châtelet (summary), Alain Vergnioux (Caen University)
Notion : Interculturalism (summary), Valentina Crispi
Report: Michel Foucault: heritages and perspectives in education et training
Presentation, Hubert Vincent (Rouen University)
Another look at the disciplines of knowledge (summary), François Jacquet-Francillon (Lille 3 University)
From the "pedagogization" of the care of the chronically ill to therapeutic education measure (summary), Nicolas Guirimand (Rouen University)
Foucault as educator: writing as an art and a self-study model (summary), Hubert Vincent (Rouen University)
Heterotopia's production in school: the care of oneself and subjectivation, (summary), Silvio Gallo (State University of Campinas, Brasil)
The question of listening in the work of Michel Foucault (summary), Annie Hourcade (Rouen University)
Foucault, reader of Plutarch: from the notion of "éthopoétic" knowledge to the development of an "aesthetics of existence" (summary), Edouardo Machado
Studies : The expression of beliefs in the history textbooks for public schools: the case of Poland before and after 1989 (summary), Sébastien Urbansky (Lyon 2 University)