Issue n° 13

Opening, François Hartog (EHESS)

Lexical rudiments, Daniel Hameline (University of Geneva)

Notion: Vacation or vacancy ?, Anne-Marie Drouin-Hans (University of Dijon)

Report: The use of History

Introduction, Georges Navet (University of Amiens)

‘Black hussars’, idioms, Republic, Hervé Terral (IUFM of Toulouse)

The use of History during the time of greek and portugiese dictatorships, Chryssanthi Avlami (University of Tours)

The « National Revolution » and the teaching of moral and philosophy during the Vichy administration (1940-1944), Jean-François Nordmann (CIPH)

Education, patriotism and the limits of justice, Eamonn Callan (University of Alberta, Canada)

The teaching of national history in a country threatened by secession: Italy, Teresa Longo (University of Paris 8)

Actuality: The Republican School crisis: analysis of a commonplace, Pierre Statius (IUFM of Caen)

Practices: Learning and instructions for use, Hubert Vincent (IUFM of Versailles)

Studies: The confidence in the pedagogical relationship, Laurence Cornu (IUFM of La Rochelle)

Correspondence: The state and the university on both shores of the Atlantic Ocean, Susana Villavicencio (University of Buenos Aires) and Patrice Vermeren (University of Paris 1)