Issue n° 50

Presentation, Brigitte Frelat-Kahn


A Journal in a Problematic Era/Area

Le Télémaque : An Intellectual Adventure, Alain Vergnioux

« WE », without Identity. Memory and Luck, Laurence Cornu

Le Télémaque : From two CRDP Publishing to the PUC Publishing: An Essay Explaining how Philosophy of Education Became an Academic Sub-discipline, Henri Peyronie

Correspondence(s), Graciela Frigerio


Educational Theories in Questions and in Perspectives

Durkheim and the History of the Educational Ideals, François Jacquet-Francillon

Living and Educating without Absolute Point of View, Michel Fabre

Gabrielle Suchon: Women’s Right to Knowledge and Philosophy, Nicole Mosconi

Child of Reason : Locke, Anna Barbauld and the Young Age Theology, Patrick Thierry


Education and the Conditions of the Experience

Toward a Genealogy of Experience in Education, Éric Dubreucq

The Description of Experience as an Object and a Method for the Philosophy of Education, Philippe Foray

The Democratic Experience in Education: Questions to Think About, Pierre Statius

Two Variations on Comprehension, Bernardo Correa


Paths of Training

Argonauts from the Pacific, Alain Vergnioux

Images Passing, Patrick Vauday

The Letter game. A Philosophy of Spelling Book, Didier Moreau

A Certain Mr. Lefebvre, Pyrenean and Dissident, Hervé Terral


Alternatives and Resistances

Every Man is an Intellectual, Jean-Marc Lamarre

Marx, Engels, Fourier: Some Points on Education, Hervé Touboul

Critique in Effect, Incompletion and Emancipation According to Georges Lapassade, Valentin Schaepelynck

Heinrich von Kleist’s Pedagogical Conspiracy. The Allerneueste Erziehungsplan, Stéphane Douailler


The State of Education: Old Questions New Problems

School: Issues Coming to the Critical Juncture, Denis Kambouchner

Education Issues Facing Animality, Anne-Marie Drouin-Hans

The Role of the Future in Education. A Critique of Humanist Education, Adalberto Dias de Carvalho

From Ferry to Peillon. Some Thoughts Concerning Moral Education in Schools, Pierre Kahn